Rental Support Services
Company Overview

Company Overview

Rental Support Services was founded in 2004 in Walvis Bay, Namibia. Originally established to provide shore based logistics support to the off-shore industry on the coast of Namibia, Rental Support Services has expanded significantly over the past ten years and now provides assistance to any industry or project, may it be in mining, shipping, ship repairs, construction or the oil and gas industry.

Our company specialises in renting out high quality equipment including trucks, cranes, mobile offices, waste skips, welding machines and half heights. However we are not limited to simply the supply of equipment, but we have the experience and expertise to assist our clients with whatever their needs.

All cranes, forklifts and other lifting equipment have valid load test certificates and are certified by a competant authority approved by the Namibian government. Operators of lifting equipment are in possession of valid operators’ certificates as required by Namibian legislation.

In addition to equipment rental, Rental Support Services can assist with on or offloading ocean, road or air freight, as well as container stuffing and destuffing. We can also assist with rigging solutions.